Genuine Moti Mala 108

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  • Number of Beads 108 +1 = 109
  • Mala Weight= 15 grams approx. , Length =12 inches , Bead Size : 5 mm
  • Luster freshwater pearls provides calmness to one’s mind
  • Handknitted with a knot after every bead which provides extra stability during every day wear.
  • Any One can wear pearl as it not harmful.
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Discover the captivating allure of our Genuine Moti Mala collection. Handcrafted with care, our exquisite necklaces showcase the pure beauty of pearls. Additionally , Enhance your style with these timeless treasures and embrace their enchanting elegance.

Importance of Genuine Moti Mala

  • Natural Pearl Mala is revered for its timeless beauty and symbolic significance in various cultures and traditions.
  • Represents purity, femininity, and emotional balance
  • Natural Pearl Rosary acts as a powerful talisman for attracting love, harmony, and prosperity


Benefits of Genuine Moti Mala

  • Genuine Moti Mala enhances emotional well-being and promotes inner peace
  • Cultivates a sense of serenity, calmness, and harmony
  • Stimulates intuition and enhances spiritual connection
  • Boosts confidence and promotes positive relationships

Rules to Wear and Maintain Genuine Moti Mala

  • To unlock the full benefits of Pearl Mala, it is recommended to wear it gracefully either around your neck or on your wrist, allowing its positive energies to envelop you.
  • Store it separately to prevent scratching or damage
  • Regularly cleanse your Pearl Mala using gentle methods such as soaking it in mild soapy water or exposing it to the purifying energies of moonlight.

Who Can Wear Moti Mala

  • Regardless of gender or age, Pearl Mala is a versatile accessory that offers its benefits to individuals from all walks of life.
  • To fulfill your quest for emotional healing, harmony, and a profound spiritual connection, look no further than the exquisite Pearl Mala.
  • Especially beneficial for those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Planet and Deity Associated with Moti Mala

  • The planet associated with Pearl or Moti is none other than the Moon, which symbolizes a myriad of qualities such as emotions, intuition, and nurturing energy.
  • The deity associated with Pearl is none other than Goddess Lakshmi, who personifies abundance, beauty, and divine grace.


Pearl Mala, with its exquisite elegance and profound symbolism, holds a special place in spiritual practices and personal adornment. By wearing this mala, individuals can embrace emotional balance, serenity, and the blessings of love and prosperity. Whether seeking spiritual growth, emotional healing, or simply adding a touch of grace, Pearl Mala is a radiant companion on the path to harmony and inner fulfillment.


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