Q: Why Himalaya Rudraksh Kendra ?
We are pleased and proud to say that we now are providing Rudraksh plucked from our own trees at Nepal. The most genuine beads. Himalaya Rudraksh Kendra select only top grade Nepalese Rudraksh beads to ensure that beads could correctly charged and purified to provide maximum power. Rudraksh which are provided by us are Empowered by Great Yogis and Sadhak of Siddh tradition of Nath Cult with the blessing of our Great Guru. We follow strict discipline of meditation and maintain the Spiritual power and further spreading for the benefits of needy. We believe in spiritual power of Siddh tradition and spread the same and do not recommend and spread any scientific analysis of these great spiritual beads. Himalaya Rudraksh Kendra believe in 100% results of Rudraksh and is not merely in the business of selling with maximum profit making targets to achieve. Unlimited spiritual powers are hidden in the Rudraksh which can be opened only by the Great Siddhi and Yogis. We claim to be the followers of this Great tradition and any other person on the same spiritual track can be benefited by us immediately. Rest who does not believe in spiritualism feels lesser degree of results.