About Gems or Gemstones

Coral (Moonga)

The Red Coral Gems or Gemstone, also known as Praval or Moonga, holds significance in Indian Vedic Astrology as the Gemstone of Mars/Mangal. Mars, the planet associated with energy, vitality, blood circulation, and ambition, finds its essence amplified by the Red Coral gems, promoting its influence in the horoscope.

Within the planetary hierarchy of the 9 celestial bodies, Mars stands as the God of warfare, commanding the armies of the Gods. Red Coral gems or gemstones, a calcareous and skeleton-like deposit formed by the coral polyp, a minute invertebrate residing in serene waters, can be found at depths ranging from 20 to 1000 feet.

Pearl (Moti)

The gems for the Zodiac Sign Cancer is Pearl, associated with the Moon, symbolizing the mind. Chandra’s sub stones or substitute stones include white coral, moonstone, and milky agate. Popularly known as ‘Moti,’ pearls are obtained from the sea, available in various shapes and colors. As the Queen of Gems, pearls represent purity and innocence. Wearing pearls reduces anger and unwanted thoughts while bringing wealth, happiness, and stability in life.

Blue Saphhire / Amethyst ( Neelam )  Gemstones

Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone or gems, also known as Neelam Birthstone, brings wealth, fame, good name, health, happiness, prosperity, long life, mental peace, and newer opportunities. It serves as an excellent gemstone for Aquarius / Capricorn Rashi individuals, making them hardworking and disciplined. The blue sapphire acts as a protective shield against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, and accidents.

This gemstone holds the power to enhance financial fortunes, boost careers, and attract wealth. It alleviates mental anxiety, particularly if Saturn is weak in your horoscope. Blue sapphire fosters detachment, protects against envy, and brings good luck and protection from evil spirits.

Emerald (Panna)  Gemstones

People highly covet the Emerald Birthstone for its velvety green color and smooth, radiant appearance that is free from cracks or dots. This gemstone enhances and reinforces the positive influences of Buddha or Mercury. These influences encompass intelligence, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing, drawing, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect, and commerce.

Aquamarine  Gems

The Aquamarine, also known as the Birthstone for Pisces, possesses tremendous benefits when worn, harnessing its vested powers. This semi-precious gemstone influences financial conditions, relationships, and the overall behavior of its wearers. With its balancing, stabilizing, and regulating properties, Aquamarine impacts the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of its user. It diminishes material cravings, insecurities, and mental stress while fostering a down-to-earth, loving, and selfless nature.

Blessed by the powers of Planet Neptune, this captivating gemstone bestows loyalty, faithfulness, and eternal love within relationships. For individuals struggling with communication due to introversion, shyness, or lack of confidence, Aquamarine facilitates the expression of thoughts and feelings. It enhances self-confidence and fluency, enabling quick and positive responses. Aquamarine provides a clear vision for making the right choices, making the wearer witty, decisive, and perceptive. Its healing energies alleviate past distress and pain while dispelling unwanted emotional and karmic energies.

Diamond  Gemstone

Diamond, representing the planet Venus, holds great effectiveness as a gemstone. Even small-sized diamonds carry considerable value in the market. It is a favorite gemstone among women, symbolizing beauty and femininity according to Vedic Astrology. Hence, diamond directly associates with women.

As Venus signifies beauty, splendor, and luxury, wearing a diamond can contribute to a happy married life. The diamond’s representation of Venus allows for the amplification of Venus’s effects. Strengthening Venus through diamond wearing brings forth numerous beneficial outcomes. However, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer for confirmation.

Businesses linked to women, such as jewelry, clothing, and furnishings, should consider wearing diamonds. These ventures align with Venus’s influence, ensuring a connection to prosperity and success.

Ruby (Manik) Gems

Ruby, representing the planet Sun, showcases a range of colors from dark red to light pink. It is a valuable and precious gemstone. If the planet Sun yields favorable results in one’s horoscope, wearing a Ruby Gemstone enhances its power. Wearing Ruby can bring good health, reputation, and promotion in government services. It ensures protection from enemies and fosters self-independence.

Expert astrologers recommend politicians to consult them for horoscope analysis before wearing a Ruby to excel in their careers. By adorning this gemstone, politicians can aspire to reach great heights in politics.

Zircon Gems

White Zircon, a substitute for Venus, can be used as an alternative to Diamond or White Sapphire. As it represents the planet of Beauty and Luxury, Venus, it brings financial luck and wealth. Moreover, it enhances bodily beauty, making the wearer more attractive and alluring. By wearing White Zircon, one can tap into the Venusian powers of attraction.

White Zircon proves beneficial for managing diabetes and reproductive system ailments. It fosters happiness, harmony, and love in interpersonal relationships, making it ideal for a blissful marital life. In creative careers and entertainment fields like music, acting, public relations, event management, art, and writing, White Zircon is considered a lucky gemstone. It enhances attractiveness and popularity while dispelling evil thoughts and instilling self-confidence.

Additionally, White Zircon provides relief from upper respiratory tract issues, bronchial infections, asthma, colds, and coughs. It safeguards against nightmares and promotes restful sleep. Furthermore, it aids in increasing appetite, making it suitable for individuals with anorexia. The colorless nature of White Zircon clears the aura and boosts the immune system, contributing to good health.

Yellow Saphhire ( Pukhraj ) Gemstones

Yellow Sapphire represents the positive powers of Jupiter, also known as Pushparagam and Pukhraj. It is called ‘push raja’ in Sanskrit and ‘Pukhraaj’ in Hindi, and sometimes referred to as the Peetmani.

Yellow Sapphire, gems associated with prosperity, is immensely popular and beneficial among the Navaratnas. It not only improves the wearer’s financial status but also brings wealth, good health, fame, honor, and success. In Indian culture, Yellow Sapphires are highly revered for their auspiciousness, ability to bring peace and prosperity, and ensure family continuity. Moreover, they symbolize divine grace and provide a sense of security as a safe gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire represents knowledge, auspicious wealth, and loving relationships. It promotes overall well-being and spiritual knowledge for the wearer.

White Topaz Gems

White Topaz, also known as Clear Topaz or Silver Topaz, promotes spiritual development by encouraging acceptance of guidance from Spirit. Its strong magnification energy aids in manifestation and offers a more orderly approach.

The crystal’s energy of truth enhances mental clarity, making the achievement of desires easier and faster. Its beautiful energy replaces negativity with love, peace, and joy. White Topaz is a potent healing stone, particularly beneficial for those feeling low or lacking energy, as it provides a boost of vitality.

Topaz gemstone

The ancient Greeks believed topaz could strengthen the wearer and provide invisibility in desperate times. Egyptians and Romans associated it with the Sun God. Imperial topaz is November’s birthstone and commemorates the 23rd wedding anniversary. Blue topaz is December’s birthstone and marks the 4th wedding anniversary. In Indian belief systems, topaz unlocks the throat chakra for improved communication and self-expression, benefiting artists, writers, and public speakers. It is also believed to promote virility in men.

Turquoise( Firoza ) Gems

Turquoise has long been known for its protective properties, especially for riders who may experience falls. Turkish soldiers used it as amulets, attaching it to their bridles and trappings for protection. Additionally, Turquoise is believed to reflect the wearer’s physical well-being. It pales when the owner is unwell or sad, loses color upon death, and gradually regains its vibrancy when passed on to a new healthy owner. Turquoise has fostered friendship and warded off evil, making it a cherished gem throughout history. In the Orient, people believed that a Turquoise ring held powerful talismanic properties against negativity. It brought forth happiness and good fortune, especially when given by a friend. Additionally, the stone cleared the mind and enhanced clarity, ensuring positive outcomes.