Rudraksha Bead Types

A Brief Intoduction of all Types of Rudrakshas


1 Mukhi Rudraksh:-

The One-faced Rudraksha, also known as Ekamukhi Rudraksha, possesses extraordinary powers and imparts profound knowledge of Paratattwa. Individuals who wear this divine bead gain mastery over their senses and unite with the divine essence of Paratattwa (God). It is a challenging task to find the One-faced Rudraksha, and often, people consider crescent-shaped Rudrakshas as alternatives. This Rudraksha bead represents Lord Shiva himself, granting access to immense powers and ultimate salvation (Mukti). Its exceptional abilities make it a symbol of leadership and triumph, capable of absolving sins.

It is recommended to perform an Abhisheka (ritual bathing) in a Shiva Temple on Mondays, especially during Mahashivarathri, to harness the transformative energies of the One-faced Rudraksha bead. Chanting the “Om Hreem Namah” mantra five times while wearing this Rudraksha intensifies its benefits. Throughout history, numerous fortunate individuals have firsthand experienced the immense power of the Ekamukhi Rudraksha. It provides protection against premature death, regulates blood pressure, and aids in the healing of heart ailments. Those who wear this sacred bead can anticipate blessings of well-being and prosperity. The wearer’s words carry great influence and are unlikely to face opposition within society. Surya (the Sun) is the presiding planet of the One-faced Rudraksha.

It is important to note that while some people have followed these beliefs and practices, the effectiveness and outcomes may vary from person to person. It is crucial to approach spiritual practices with reverence and seek guidance from knowledgeable sources.

2 Mukhi Rudraksh

The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes both Chandra (Moon) and Surya (Sun) energies, representing the left and right Naadi (subtle energy channels). When properly purified and energized, the wearer of this Rudraksha is always accompanied by two celestial beings, Surya Deva and Chandra Deva. By wearing this Rudraksha, one gains the Punya (meritorious act) equivalent to donating 108 cows. Furthermore, it empowers the wearer to control two senses (Indriyas) of their body, allowing them to delve into the ancient and hidden knowledge of breathing techniques, known as Swar, and gain insights into the past, present, and future.

The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha bead bestows an active and dynamic disposition upon its wearer, as they never remain lazy and continually receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. Ultimately, at the end of their life, they attain Moksha (liberation). Initiating new endeavors while wearing this Rudraksha ensures success, as it attracts favorable outcomes.

It’s crucial to remember that the effectiveness and experiences associated with the 2 Mukhi Rudraksha may vary for individuals. When utilizing Rudraksha beads, it is essential to approach their wearing and harnessing of power with reverence and seek guidance from knowledgeable sources.

3 Mukhi Rudraksh

The 3 Face Rudraksha possesses incredible abilities to amplify memory power and enhance concentration on a particular subject. It acts as a catalyst for creative intelligence, resulting in remarkable achievements when adorned as a garland. The wearer experiences the tangible effects of success in their endeavors, access to constructive resources, and the deepening of wisdom and knowledge.

In terms of health benefits, this Rudraksha bead is beneficial for conditions such as depression, retrograde amnesia, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. It serves as a source of positive energy and healing in these conditions.

The ruling planet associated with the 3 Mukhi Rudraksha is Mars, which influences the energetic qualities it possesses. You can chant the powerful mantra “Om NamahaShivaya” while wearing this Rudraksha to invoke its full potential and align with its energies.

Please note that individual experiences and results may vary when wearing the teen mukhi Rudraksha. It is advisable to consult knowledgeable sources and approach spiritual practices with reverence and mindfulness..

4 Mukhi Rudraksh

Moreover, the four mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Saraswati and Brahma. Furthermore, it features four linings from head to bottom at an equal distance. Additionally, it offers significant benefits to researchers, artists, and journalists. In addition, it aids in reducing the malefic effects of Jupiter, such as intellectual dullness of mind, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication, and other critical conditions of the mind.

5 Mukhi Rudraksh

The five Mukhi Rudraksha represents the form of Rudra known as Kaalagni. This sacred bead has the power to rectify any faults within an individual, purifying their soul and transforming them into the divine form of Pashupati. Wearing a mala made of five Mukhi Rudraksha beads brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the wearer’s mind. Believers hold the belief that wearing this bead protects them from untimely death, ensuring a long and prosperous life.

6 Mukhi Rudraksh

The Six Mukhi Rudraksha holds the immense power of Kumar Kartikeya, the second son of Lord Shiva. This sacred bead bestows wisdom, knowledge, and enhances one’s willpower. It is particularly beneficial for individuals in professions such as business, journalism, and editing, among others. Believers attribute the Six Mukhi Rudraksha with the ability to alleviate the negative effects associated with the planet Mars, including cuts, wounds, surgical procedures, injuries caused by weapons, skin irritations, bone fractures, hemorrhoids, miscarriages, and abortions. By wearing this Rudraksha, one can seek protection and healing from such afflictions.

7 Mukhi Rudraksh

The seven-faced Rudraksha is associated with the concept of the Seven Seas. Believers believe that when the Rudraksha is properly energized and worn, it brings a sense of contentment to the wearer, akin to the vastness and abundance of the seas. The person wearing this Rudraksha becomes satisfied with what they have and efficiently manages their resources to accomplish tasks. Additionally, the seven-faced Rudraksha bestows the wearer with profound knowledge, making them stand out in group discussions and meetings. They possess unwavering conviction in their words and consistently speak the truth.

8 Mukhi Rudraksh

The eight Mukhi Rudraksha represents the second form of Lord Ganesha, the eldest son of Lord Shiva. People hold great significance for the Rudraksha and worship it before other deities. The Rudraksha adorns eight linings, which make it highly potent and effective. Its wearer becomes resilient to various forms of misery, be it physical, divine, or mental. Wearing the eight Mukhi Rudraksha acts as a protective shield against the malefic effects of the planet Ketu. It brings stability, harmony, and spiritual growth to the wearer, safeguarding them from the negative influences of Ketu.

9 Mukhi Rudraksh

The powerful goddess Devi Durga is associated with the Nine Mukhi Rudraksha, which is ruled by the planet Ketu. This Rudraksha bead provides its wearer with energy, dynamism, and fearlessness. It is particularly beneficial for career-oriented women, aiding them in achieving success in their chosen paths. The Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is renowned for its positive effects on the stomach and its ability to alleviate body and skin allergies.

Wearing this Rudraksha enhances one’s reputation and brings name and fame. It fosters a deep sense of devotion to God, promoting spiritual growth and connection. Believers also attribute the Nine Mukhi Rudraksha with the ability to remove the negative influences of Kaalsarpa Dosh, a planetary alignment that can cause challenges in one’s life.

In terms of energy dissipation, the collector variety of the Nine Mukhi Rudraksha, which possesses a larger surface area, is considered superior. This ensures that the wearer can harness and utilize the energies of the Rudraksha effectively.

10 Mukhi Rudraksh

The Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is considered auspicious as it is blessed by Lord Vishnu and does not have a specific controlling planet. It possesses the unique ability to absorb the malefic effects of all nine planets. This Rudraksha bead is highly effective in dispelling negative thoughts and energies, acting as a powerful shield against negativity. It offers protection from court cases and hostile forces, bringing relief to the wearer.

In addition, it is recommended to wear the Ten Mukhi Rudraksha for clearing Vaastu Dosh, balancing and harmonizing the energies of the living space. Believers also attribute its benefits to eliminating the evil-eye effect and dispelling negative thoughts that hinder personal growth.

Just like with other Rudraksha beads, the collector variety of the Ten Mukhi Rudraksha, with its larger surface area, allows for better dissipation of energy. This ensures that the wearer can fully harness and utilize the positive energies of the Rudraksha, maximizing its benefits.

11 Mukhi Rudraksh

The Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is under the influence of Ekadashi Rudra, also known as Lord Hanuman, and its ruling planet is Mars. This Rudraksha is highly beneficial for enhancing networking skills, forming strong connections, and improving man-management abilities. It boosts self-confidence, both mentally and physically, while providing protection during travels.

Wearing the Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha bead amplifies the power of speech and enhances concentration. It is particularly excellent for strengthening the immune system and promoting overall well-being. The wearer becomes fearless, enabling them to overcome obstacles with courage and determination. This Rudraksha is also conducive to spiritual practices, aiding in spiritual growth and deepening one’s connection with the divine.

As with other Rudraksha beads, the collector variety of the Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha, with its larger surface area, allows for better dissipation of energy. This ensures that the wearer can fully harness and utilize the positive energies of the Rudraksha, maximizing its benefits.

12 Mukhi Rudraksh

The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha receives blessings from Aditya, the Sun. It plays a pivotal role in establishing name, fame, position, power, and authority, while enhancing leadership and administrative qualities. This Rudraksha is particularly beneficial for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants, among others. It strengthens the internal organs and promotes overall internal health. Additionally, it is known to have positive effects on eye, heart, and skin-related ailments.

The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha bead is also effective in eliminating Vaastu Dosh, ensuring positive and harmonious energies within living spaces. Politicians, businessmen, and individuals aspiring for success are advised to wear this Rudraksha as it bestows radiance, leadership qualities, and success.

Similar to other Rudraksha beads, the collector variety of the Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha, with its larger surface area, facilitates better dissipation of energy, thereby maximizing its benefits.

13 Mukhi Rudraksh

Indra and Kamadeva bestow blessings upon the Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha, while its controlling planet is Venus. This Rudraksha is known to enhance Vaak Chaturya, making the wearer more extroverted and improving their argumentative and communication skills. It amplifies wit, charm, charisma, and adds a radiant aura that attracts people towards the wearer. It is especially beneficial for professionals in marketing, public relations, and acting, among other fields.

The Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha also promotes the well-being of the reproductive organs and aids in addressing issues related to impotency. It bestows riches, honor, and fulfills earthly desires. Leaders, senior marketing personnel, traders, individuals in finance, and preachers who frequently deliver speeches and interact with the masses recommend wearing this Rudraksha.. It is also beneficial for addressing sexual disorders and enhancing sexual prowess.

As with other Rudraksha beads, the collector variety of the Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha, with its larger surface area, ensures better dissipation of energy, maximizing its positive effects.

14 Mukhi Rudraksh

The Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha, also known as Devamani, is under the rulership of Lord Shiva, and its controlling planet is Saturn. People highly regard this Rudraksha bead for bringing all-around luck and enhancing intuition, enabling individuals to make quick and accurate decisions. It is particularly beneficial for industrialists and individuals in the land and construction business.

The Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha serves as a protective shield against the negative influences of both Mars and Saturn, as Lord Hanuman blesses it. It is especially advantageous for businesses that involve speculation, such as the share market.

Similar to other Rudraksha beads, the collector variety of the Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha, with its larger surface area, allows for better dissipation of energy. This ensures that the wearer can fully harness and utilize the positive energies of the Rudraksha, maximizing its benefits.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh

The Gaurishankar Rudraksha symbolizes unity and bonding as it combines two naturally joined Rudraksha beads in a unique formation. Both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati bless this Rudraksha. The Gaurishankar Rudraksha plays a significant role in strengthening and solidifying the relationship between spouses. It brings clarity and harmony to relationships, ensuring that individuals always experience strong bonds and love in every relationship they have.

This Rudraksha bead is renowned for promoting peace and comfort within the family. When worshipped at the puja place, the Gaurishankar Rudraksha helps alleviate pain, suffering, and other earthly obstacles. It also enhances the overall peace and happiness of the family.. Believers also believe that wearing this Rudraksha can benefit those seeking to find the right life partner or couples desiring to have children.

As with other Rudraksha beads, the collector variety of the Gaurishankar Rudraksha, with its larger surface area, allows for better dissipation of energy. This ensures that the wearer can fully harness and benefit from the positive energies of the Rudraksha.

Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksh

People refer to a Rudraksha with a trunk-like stem as a “Ganesh” Rudraksha. The Rudraksha removes obstacles, brings luck and prosperity, and bestows blessings for initiating new endeavors. Since people revere Lord Ganesh as the deity of wisdom and intellect, students particularly benefit from wearing the Ganesh Rudraksha.

Wearing the Ganesh Rudraksha bead can enhance one’s intellectual abilities, aid in academic pursuits, and promote success in studies. Believers attribute the Rudraksha with providing clarity of thought, improving focus, and facilitating better learning and understanding. Moreover, the Ganesh Rudraksha is associated with wisdom and insight, making it a valuable tool for individuals to acquire knowledge and overcome challenges in their educational journey.

Overall, the Ganesh Rudraksha serves as a powerful talisman for students, helping them overcome obstacles, attract luck and prosperity, and invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesh for a successful academic path.

Mala and Rosary

Sphatik / Quartz Mala or Rosary

Sphatik or Quartz crystal mala or rosary , a precious gift from the Earth, acts as a powerful energy conductor. It strengthens positivity, liberates from fear and anger, and fulfills desires.

Bathed in radiant light and vibrant energy, Sphatik, also known as quartz crystal, offers robust protection against negative vibrations. In addition, it enhances affection and amplifies the ability to enjoy life’s precious moments. Adorning oneself with a Sphatik or quartz crystal mala not only promotes clarity of purpose but also reduces stress, facilitates healing, and nurtures inner balance.

The spiritual powers of the Sphatik Mala or Rosary bring peace and tranquility to the mind, effectively calming stress. Its unique ability to regulate body heat makes it an ideal accessory to wear around the neck, ensuring optimal body temperature and a cool state of mind. Sphatik mala also alleviates excess heat, fever, and headaches while promoting overall healing and relieving stress and tension.

Rudraksha Mala or Rosary

Both Hindus and Buddhists hold Rudraksham in high esteem as “holy beads” that actively bestow peace, power, and protection. These revered beads are commonly worn as necklaces, bracelets, and pendants, serving as aids for meditation. According to ancient tradition, a mala, or prayer rosary, typically comprises a multiple of 9 beads, with 108 being the recommended count.

Crafted from the five-sided seeds of the Rudraksha Tree, this Rudraksha mala boasts an array of healing properties. It is believed that Rudraksha is brimming with shakti, effectively calming the kundalini energy and facilitating its upward ascent. Moreover, Rudraksha is renowned for activating the heart chakra, promoting openness and compassion. These beads serve as excellent companions for meditation and offer a protective shield. Legend has it that Lord Shiva, after a thousand years of profound meditation, shed tears of worldly compassion, thereby giving birth to the Rudraksha beads. Embrace the immense power of Rudraksha and unlock its profound spiritual benefits today.

Jade Stone Mala or Rosary

Jade, often referred to as the dream stone, possesses the remarkable ability to enhance dream interpretation. This exquisite gemstone radiates love, courage, chastity, and wisdom, while effectively diminishing negativity and fostering self-expression. Known for its profound emotional balance and soothing energy, Jade bestows endurance, peace, and comfort. Moreover, Jade is renowned for its therapeutic properties, aiding in the body’s natural healing processes, promoting flexibility, and fortifying the heart, eyes, kidneys, and immune system. This extraordinary stone is also associated with alleviating mental issues, purifying the blood, and promoting longevity. Experience the remarkable powers of Jade and embrace its harmonizing influence on your well-being.

Sun Stone Mala

Step into a world of exquisite beauty with the gold-flecked sunstone mala, enhanced by the enchanting presence of onyx marker beads. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of this mala, meticulously crafted from natural marble infused with mesmerizing gold dust. Its sheer elegance is truly unparalleled, making it a cherished piece of adornment.

Sunstone, recognized as a potent leadership stone, empowers its wearer with remarkable leadership qualities. It serves as a powerful talisman in dispelling fears, phobias, and reducing stress while uplifting one’s spirit from the depths of depression. Onyx, on the other hand, acts as a formidable shield against energy drain and eliminates unwanted energies. Renowned for its diverse applications, onyx is believed to facilitate wound healing, support childbirth, and enhance both stamina and self-control.

Experience the transformative energy of this exquisite sunstone mala with onyx marker beads, radiating confidence, courage, and a renewed zest for life. Embrace the harmonizing properties of these remarkable gemstones and embark on a journey of self-empowerment and inner strength.

Turquoise Mala

Beware of imitations and seek authenticity with our genuine Turquoise collection. Unlike other stones with “turquoise” in their names, our Turquoise is the real deal.

Turquoise, a powerful gem, activates the throat chakra, amplifying the voices of the shy and introverted. It instills a sense of worthiness and purpose, empowering individuals to honor themselves as vital contributors to the unity of all existence. By enhancing communication and encouraging self-expression, Turquoise becomes a catalyst for truth to manifest from within. Its tranquil energy fosters balance and completeness, while imparting wisdom to our emotional hearts and granting us the gift of forgiveness.

Experience the profound effects of genuine Turquoise as it harmonizes your being. As it unlocks your authentic voice, and guides you towards inner peace and self-discovery. Embrace the transformative power of this exquisite stone and embark on a journey of clarity, connection, and emotional healing.

Agate Stone Mala

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of Agate, a stone that effortlessly radiates tranquility, patience, and lightheartedness. With its cooling properties, Agate creates a serene atmosphere, fostering inner peace and grace. In addition, this remarkable gemstone offers respite from emotional pain, fortifying the heart center and promoting a sense of calmness. Transitioning to the realm of tranquility has never been easier than with the gentle influence of Agate.

Allow Agate to guide you on a spiritual journey, as it instills patience and peace, leading you to elevated realms of consciousness. This remarkable stone is associated with hope, unity, cleansing, harmony, protection, optimism, positive thinking, and the smooth flow of energy. It brings joy, truth, purification, and promptness into our lives, while cultivating a sense of easiness and adaptability.

Embrace the serene energy of Agate and discover the transformative power of this remarkable gemstone. Let it infuse your being with calmness, uplift your spirits, and awaken a sense of harmony and clarity within you.

Crystal Mala or Rosary

Experience the captivating allure of the Crystal or Quartz Rosary, crafted from a stone as clear as water, earning its renowned reputation as “crystal clear” worldwide. Embodying the essence of a “Universal Crystal,” this remarkable gem holds immense power and is widely recognized for its transformative properties.

The Crystal Rosary serves as a potent cleanser, eliminating negativity across spiritual, mental, and physical realms. Its dynamic nature provides robust protection against malevolent energies, making it an invaluable tool for safeguarding oneself. Remarkably, Crystal is embraced not only by Hindus but also by Christians and Muslims, who incorporate Crystal beads into their Japa Malas, Prayer Beads, or Rosaries.

Renowned for its ability to channel positive energy, Crystal acts as a natural coolant for the mind, fostering a sense of tranquility and serenity. Embrace the calming qualities of Crystal by adorning it . Allowing its gentle influence to keep you cool, composed, and centered amidst life’s challenges. Discover the harmonizing power of Crystal and unlock its potential for spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

Pearl Mala or Rosary

Immerse yourself in the exquisite allure of genuine pearls, as their radiant beauty emerges from the union of sand and the natural mollusk shell. Composed of delicate, overlapping plates of calcium carbonate, these gems display captivating patterns and an iridescent shimmer known as the “pearl-essence.”

Furthermore, pearls possess an inherent power that goes beyond their enchanting appearance. Moreover, they hold the ability to cultivate a profound sense of self-love, empowering individuals to embrace and accept love in its purest form. In addition, pearls act as a protective talisman, shielding against negative energies and bestowing a deep sense of security and well-being.

Indulge in the enchanting energy of pearls and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Additionally, allow their luminous presence to guide you, enhancing your capacity for love and enveloping you in a comforting shield of protection. Moreover, pearls invite you to explore their timeless elegance and inherent magic, gracefully infusing your life with radiance and inner harmony.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pearls, where their allure transcends mere aesthetics, captivating both the eye and the soul. Experience the transformative power they hold, as they become a cherished companion on your journey of self-love, protection, and spiritual growth.

Tulsi Mala or Rosary

Experience the divine beauty and spiritual essence of the sacred tulsi mala, crafted from the revered holy basil plant.This exquisite rosary holds profound significance for both Hindus and Buddhists, as it connects to deities like Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, and brings abundant good fortune.

Adorned around your neck or wrist, the tulsi mala envelops you in a sense of protection and unwavering focus. In the midst of life’s modern challenges, it becomes a soothing companion, easing the burdens of stress and providing solace. Embrace the transformative potential of this timeless mala as you navigate the complexities of daily existence.

Take a moment, if you can spare the time, to immerse yourself in the sacred mantra “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna KrishnaKrishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama RamaRama Hare Hare.” It is widely believed that this powerful chant holds the key to salvation in the challenging era of Kali Yuga. In this dark age, characterized by its difficulties, undertaking spiritual practices can seem arduous. However, the rewards of such practices are profound and transformative.

Allow the tulsi mala to guide you on a profound spiritual journey, granting you solace, protection, and a pathway to salvation. Furthermore , embrace the divine energy and experience the transformative power it bestows in this sacred age.

Navratna Mala or Rosary

Experience the extraordinary power of Navratna, as you delve into the harmonious vibrations of these precious gemstones. Meticulously arranged to harness their unique energies, this magnificent collection encompasses a diverse range of gemstones, each symbolizing a celestial body.

Furthermore, Navratna offers a remarkable quality that transcends barriers of age and occupation, making it suitable for everyone. Moreover, whether you’re a businessperson, an executive, a working professional, a homemaker, a student, a retiree, or an individual seeking transformation, Navratna holds transformative benefits for all.

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of these meticulously crafted gemstones, as they empower you in various aspects of life. Additionally, enhance your professional endeavors, nurture your personal relationships, and embrace the wisdom and vitality bestowed by Navratna. Moreover, these gemstones bring balance, success, and overall well-being to your journey through life.

Embrace the unparalleled beauty and energies of Navratna, and witness the profound impact it can have on your life. With Navratna by your side, you embark on a transformative journey, where harmony, success, and fulfillment become your constant companions.

Sandal Wood Mala or Rosary

Immerse yourself in the sacred essence of a white sandalwood mala, a revered tool for pacifying rituals, strengthening spiritual practices, and worshipping deities. Adorn yourself with this garland of sandalwood beads to bestow honor and extend a warm welcome. Engage in Jaap (chanting) with this mala, believed to impart a radiant glow and enhance inner beauty.

Immerse yourself in the serene energy of sandalwood, allowing its calming influence to permeate your being and harmonize your spiritual journey. Embrace the transformative power of the sandalwood mala as you navigate the complexities of life. Find solace, tranquility, and a deeper connection to the divine along your journey.

Haldi Mala or Rosary

Embark on a transformative journey with the Turmeric Mala, expertly designed to unlock the extraordinary potential within. Embrace the Turmeric Mala’s profound symbolism, invoking divine blessings and unlocking inner strength. With its rich heritage, this powerful tool leads to victory in all endeavors, including legal battles and overcoming adversaries. Let this sacred mala be your guide to triumph and fulfillment.

Benefits of the Turmeric Mala:

  •   Furthermore, it aids in restoring inner balance and fostering a sense of harmony within.
  •   Its purpose is to accompany the recitation of mantras during worship ceremonies aimed at                overcoming challenges posed by enemies.
  •   In the realm of spiritual practices, the Turmeric Mala holds significant value, particularly in                Anusthan rituals. With its potent properties, this sacred mala acts as a powerful ally
  •   Additionally , It works diligently to ward off adversaries and pave the way for favorable outcomes      in legal matters.
  •   When engaged in litigation, wearing this mala can serve as a potent tool for achieving success.        Revered for the chanting of Bagalamukhi and Jupiter mantras, this mala amplifies their spiritual        influence.

By adorning the Turmeric Mala, one can attain a tranquil state of mind, shedding anxiety, depression, and tensions. Additionally, it bestows spiritual strength, empowering the wearer on their sacred journey.

Embrace the transformative energy of the Turmeric Mala, as it uplifts and guides you towards triumph and spiritual growth. Experience the profound effects of this sacred mala on your journey.

About Yantras

Sphatik Shree Yantra

Sphatikshreeyantra. High quality and best finished and genuine quality crsytal or sphatik. Sphatikshriyantra or crsytalyantra 3 dimentional shaped is the most auspicious of all shreeyantras and all yantras. Sphatik Shree yantra is also said to be healing power and has the power to heal mind, body and soul.

Shri meaning wealth and yantra – means instrument, apparatus, appliance, device, equipment, gadget, gear, gizmo, machine, machinery, mechanism, contraption, contrivance, doodad, paraphernalia, tackle, utensil. The instrument for wealth, the shreeyantra brings about actual and spiritual wealth. Shree yantra has that exotic power to fulfill all our endur and change our life into the better life. It is definitely the answer to all the problems and negativity in our life. Shree yantra is very and highely sensitive and has very magnificent magnetic powers into it. Shree yantra is said to be a eternal store-house of energy which pick up particular cosmic ray wave discharge by the planets, stones and other universal objects and alter them into constructive vibrations or waves.

Sphatik Kamal Shree Yantra

Crystal Shree Yantra on Kamal or Lotus – has a cosmic power and mental strength so it is very useful for everybody for prosperity and wealth. Shree Yantra has that unexplained power to fulfill all our wishes and change our life for the better. It can remove all types negativity in our life. This is a special lotus Shri Yantra which is very powerful to remove all types sorrow and evils. It will help surly to you growth in career, financial status, heath and batter relationship. Some time It can remove all types Vastu Dosh. This Yantra is made of Sphatik or Sfatik which has power to protect you from outside negative energies.

Mahalakshmi YAntra

Mahalakshmi Yantra is one of the highly effective and auspicious yantra that signifies wealth. The yantra is connected to the Goddess Lakshmi, the Lord of Wealth and Prosperity. The sight of this yantra or goddess in any form opens an avenue of wealth, fame, and success. In true sense the yantra offers a reservoir of worldly treasures if the beholder worships the yantra with a pure heart and soul.

Sampoorna Shree Yantra

One can get rid of all his problems with the help of this Yantra because this Yantra specially offers worship to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganapati. The word ‘Sampoorna’ means complete and this Yantra will provide you complete achievement and happiness in your life. The Sampoorna Shree Yantra is a device (Yantra) that will help you in every step of life and is supported by 12 other Yantras.

The Sampoorna Shree Yantra consists of 13 yantras and all the Yantras are used to appease Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. It provides you with good health, beauty, prosperity, wealth, success in life and helps to flourish one’s business

Vyapar Vridhi Yantra

This is a very powerful MahaYantra to increase the business. A person can amass huge wealth and prosperity by worshipping this Yantra. There are times when inspite of our best efforts and knowledge, our business is on a downward trend and we feel helpless about the situation. During such times, installation of a Shri SampurnaVyaparVriddhiYantra in our workplace can prove highly effective. If a person worships this MahaYantra with full faith and reverence, then his patience becomes strong, his business flourishes, he is able to attain wealth as well as peace of mind. This MahaYantra is also equally effective for those who are in service or in any other proffesion.

Kuber Yantra

Worshipping the KuberYantra, you not only gain more wealth, but also regain lost wealth. The KuberYantra can be installed by anyone who wants a better life and more wealth. You can also install it to improve your luck factor. It can be installed in your house as well as in your office. The KuberYantra is very powerful and it can definitely change the cash inflow for anyone.

The one thing to remember is that this is certainly not a get-rich-quick formula. The Yantra has to be worshipped consistently and with great discipline as prescribed by a master or a qualified astrologer of high repute. Do not become greedy and resort to amassing wealth by wrong means.

Vastu Yantra

Vastuyantra is a scared object that negates the defects and negative effects of Vastudosha at a respective place. The yantra is usually made of any royal treasure or metal for instance gold, silver or copper and helps in discarding ill aftermaths of wrong placement of house or any of the Vastudosha. Many houses have varied Vastu dosh which are incurable and can’t be rectified with ease while in such places VastuYantra is the only measure to balance the energy.

VastuYantra is placed under the earth during foundation or just installed inside the house at some scared place such as pooja room followed by due rituals. VastuYantra regulates the positive vibration in living place by overtaking negativity and helps to bring good luck with overall prosperity. Vastuyantra are of different types which are installed in a place for specific purpose and to discard malefic effects

Ganesha Yantra

The GaneshaYantra is a sacred energy device that infuses within you the power to focus and accomplish your goals. The radiations from the Yantra will enhance your positive spirits and stimulate your confidence level to succeed in all your efforts.

Ganesha is the fundamental God of wisdom who removes all the obstacles that stand in your way of success. Obstacles are things we do not foresee and thus cannot plan for. Offering prayers to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles before undertaking any task is a customary practice that helps to ensure a project moves forward successfully. To remove obstacles and negative forces that prevent your spiritual and material progress, this Yantra can come in handy.

If you are planning to undertake your own business or if you are stepping into a new phase of life, the GaneshaYantra can be your best solution to avoiding impediments that might block your way to success.

Mantra for Ganesha Yantra
Om Gum Ganapathaye Namaha

Laxmi Ganesha Yantra

Shri Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra is a united Yantra of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganpati and is also known as MahaYantra. Through Ganpati Yantra, one achieves success and through Lakshmi, one is blessed with prosperity. Sometimes also called as ShubhLabhYantra, this Yantra can be placed in Home Temple (Worship place), in safe deposit box or in a Cupboard on a dirt free red colored cloth.

Sri Lakshmi GaneshaYantra is very fortunate and is a joint Yantra for worship of Goddess Laxmi & God Ganpati. Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of riches & affluence & Lord Ganpati, the God of victory in any new venture. Hence, Shree Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra, as the name denotes, is a Yantra for good fortune, reputation, riches, which helps to increase in earnings & income. This is also known as DhanYantra, SubhLabhYantra or Yantra for Money.

About Gems or Gemstones

Coral (Moonga)

The Red Coral Gems or Gemstone, also known as Praval or Moonga, holds significance in Indian Vedic Astrology as the Gemstone of Mars/Mangal. Mars, the planet associated with energy, vitality, blood circulation, and ambition, finds its essence amplified by the Red Coral gems, promoting its influence in the horoscope.

Within the planetary hierarchy of the 9 celestial bodies, Mars stands as the God of warfare, commanding the armies of the Gods. Red Coral gems or gemstones, a calcareous and skeleton-like deposit formed by the coral polyp, a minute invertebrate residing in serene waters, can be found at depths ranging from 20 to 1000 feet.

Pearl (Moti)

The gems for the Zodiac Sign Cancer is Pearl, associated with the Moon, symbolizing the mind. Chandra’s sub stones or substitute stones include white coral, moonstone, and milky agate. Popularly known as ‘Moti,’ pearls are obtained from the sea, available in various shapes and colors. As the Queen of Gems, pearls represent purity and innocence. Wearing pearls reduces anger and unwanted thoughts while bringing wealth, happiness, and stability in life.

Blue Saphhire / Amethyst ( Neelam )  Gemstones

Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone or gems, also known as Neelam Birthstone, brings wealth, fame, good name, health, happiness, prosperity, long life, mental peace, and newer opportunities. It serves as an excellent gemstone for Aquarius / Capricorn Rashi individuals, making them hardworking and disciplined. The blue sapphire acts as a protective shield against danger, travel problems, terror, thieves, and accidents.

This gemstone holds the power to enhance financial fortunes, boost careers, and attract wealth. It alleviates mental anxiety, particularly if Saturn is weak in your horoscope. Blue sapphire fosters detachment, protects against envy, and brings good luck and protection from evil spirits.

Emerald (Panna)  Gemstones

People highly covet the Emerald Birthstone for its velvety green color and smooth, radiant appearance that is free from cracks or dots. This gemstone enhances and reinforces the positive influences of Buddha or Mercury. These influences encompass intelligence, education, speech, teaching, learning, communication, confidence, writing, drawing, trade, humor, wit, discrimination, diplomacy, intellect, and commerce.

Aquamarine  Gems

The Aquamarine, also known as the Birthstone for Pisces, possesses tremendous benefits when worn, harnessing its vested powers. This semi-precious gemstone influences financial conditions, relationships, and the overall behavior of its wearers. With its balancing, stabilizing, and regulating properties, Aquamarine impacts the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of its user. It diminishes material cravings, insecurities, and mental stress while fostering a down-to-earth, loving, and selfless nature.

Blessed by the powers of Planet Neptune, this captivating gemstone bestows loyalty, faithfulness, and eternal love within relationships. For individuals struggling with communication due to introversion, shyness, or lack of confidence, Aquamarine facilitates the expression of thoughts and feelings. It enhances self-confidence and fluency, enabling quick and positive responses. Aquamarine provides a clear vision for making the right choices, making the wearer witty, decisive, and perceptive. Its healing energies alleviate past distress and pain while dispelling unwanted emotional and karmic energies.

Diamond  Gemstone

Diamond, representing the planet Venus, holds great effectiveness as a gemstone. Even small-sized diamonds carry considerable value in the market. It is a favorite gemstone among women, symbolizing beauty and femininity according to Vedic Astrology. Hence, diamond directly associates with women.

As Venus signifies beauty, splendor, and luxury, wearing a diamond can contribute to a happy married life. The diamond’s representation of Venus allows for the amplification of Venus’s effects. Strengthening Venus through diamond wearing brings forth numerous beneficial outcomes. However, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer for confirmation.

Businesses linked to women, such as jewelry, clothing, and furnishings, should consider wearing diamonds. These ventures align with Venus’s influence, ensuring a connection to prosperity and success.

Ruby (Manik) Gems

Ruby, representing the planet Sun, showcases a range of colors from dark red to light pink. It is a valuable and precious gemstone. If the planet Sun yields favorable results in one’s horoscope, wearing a Ruby Gemstone enhances its power. Wearing Ruby can bring good health, reputation, and promotion in government services. It ensures protection from enemies and fosters self-independence.

Expert astrologers recommend politicians to consult them for horoscope analysis before wearing a Ruby to excel in their careers. By adorning this gemstone, politicians can aspire to reach great heights in politics.

Zircon Gems

White Zircon, a substitute for Venus, can be used as an alternative to Diamond or White Sapphire. As it represents the planet of Beauty and Luxury, Venus, it brings financial luck and wealth. Moreover, it enhances bodily beauty, making the wearer more attractive and alluring. By wearing White Zircon, one can tap into the Venusian powers of attraction.

White Zircon proves beneficial for managing diabetes and reproductive system ailments. It fosters happiness, harmony, and love in interpersonal relationships, making it ideal for a blissful marital life. In creative careers and entertainment fields like music, acting, public relations, event management, art, and writing, White Zircon is considered a lucky gemstone. It enhances attractiveness and popularity while dispelling evil thoughts and instilling self-confidence.

Additionally, White Zircon provides relief from upper respiratory tract issues, bronchial infections, asthma, colds, and coughs. It safeguards against nightmares and promotes restful sleep. Furthermore, it aids in increasing appetite, making it suitable for individuals with anorexia. The colorless nature of White Zircon clears the aura and boosts the immune system, contributing to good health.

Yellow Saphhire ( Pukhraj ) Gemstones

Yellow Sapphire represents the positive powers of Jupiter, also known as Pushparagam and Pukhraj. It is called ‘push raja’ in Sanskrit and ‘Pukhraaj’ in Hindi, and sometimes referred to as the Peetmani.

Yellow Sapphire, gems associated with prosperity, is immensely popular and beneficial among the Navaratnas. It not only improves the wearer’s financial status but also brings wealth, good health, fame, honor, and success. In Indian culture, Yellow Sapphires are highly revered for their auspiciousness, ability to bring peace and prosperity, and ensure family continuity. Moreover, they symbolize divine grace and provide a sense of security as a safe gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire represents knowledge, auspicious wealth, and loving relationships. It promotes overall well-being and spiritual knowledge for the wearer.

White Topaz Gems

White Topaz, also known as Clear Topaz or Silver Topaz, promotes spiritual development by encouraging acceptance of guidance from Spirit. Its strong magnification energy aids in manifestation and offers a more orderly approach.

The crystal’s energy of truth enhances mental clarity, making the achievement of desires easier and faster. Its beautiful energy replaces negativity with love, peace, and joy. White Topaz is a potent healing stone, particularly beneficial for those feeling low or lacking energy, as it provides a boost of vitality.

Topaz gemstone

The ancient Greeks believed topaz could strengthen the wearer and provide invisibility in desperate times. Egyptians and Romans associated it with the Sun God. Imperial topaz is November’s birthstone and commemorates the 23rd wedding anniversary. Blue topaz is December’s birthstone and marks the 4th wedding anniversary. In Indian belief systems, topaz unlocks the throat chakra for improved communication and self-expression, benefiting artists, writers, and public speakers. It is also believed to promote virility in men.

Turquoise( Firoza ) Gems

Turquoise has long been known for its protective properties, especially for riders who may experience falls. Turkish soldiers used it as amulets, attaching it to their bridles and trappings for protection. Additionally, Turquoise is believed to reflect the wearer’s physical well-being. It pales when the owner is unwell or sad, loses color upon death, and gradually regains its vibrancy when passed on to a new healthy owner. Turquoise has fostered friendship and warded off evil, making it a cherished gem throughout history. In the Orient, people believed that a Turquoise ring held powerful talismanic properties against negativity. It brought forth happiness and good fortune, especially when given by a friend. Additionally, the stone cleared the mind and enhanced clarity, ensuring positive outcomes.