Natural Yellow Citrine ( Sunehla ) ( 5.40 Ct )

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  • Natural Yellow Citrine ( Sunehla ) Lab Certified.
  • Color : Yellow
  • Weight : 5.40 Carats
  • Shape : Oval
  • Actual Images of the product are used
  • Same product will be delivered as shown in the image
  • Product will be delivered with Lab certified box with lab certification

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With an authentic yellowish lemon color, citrine gemstone derived its name from a french word ‘Citron’ that actually means lemon. Citrine is one of the beautiful and unique gemstones possessing a unique charm to every jewellery made from it. The gemstone belongs to quartz and the perfect texture is extremely rare to find. The ruling planet of Citrine is Jupiter and is primarily worn to enhance the powers and energies from the biggest planet in the universe. The gemstone is the symbol of good wealth and prosperity. Many people wear to curtail negative energies from their lives and bring immense luck and prosperity. Ancient astrologers deeply believed in the power of this rare gemstone and even today we can admit its benefits. Along with metaphysical benefits, citrine looks extremely posh and beautiful in everyday casual jewellery too. It soothes you spiritually and makes your mind calm and peaceful. Sometimes it’s also associated as being closely related to amethyst gemstone. In Hindi, citrine is known as Sunela and belongs to the quartz mineral family. This beautiful gemstone is associated as being a birthstone of sagittarius zodiac sign and brings immense prosperity and wealth to the life of the wearer.


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