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Mercury ( Parad ) Mala 108 + 1 beads ( 294 grams )

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  • Length Of Mala : 16 Inches , Weight : 294 grams Approx , Bead Size : 8 MM
  • Original and Good Quality Mercury used In the manufacturing Of Mala
  • If one does the Pooja of Pardeshwar with the chant of Aghori mantra and offers Bilva patra then it destroys the possibility of sudden death and any kind of poverty.
  • Please take care while using mercury products wearings precious gold and silver ornaments as it stick to the ornaments very easily and difficut to remove afterwards.

Sold out!

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Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in air ,soil or water. It exits in several forms : elemental or metallic mercury , inorganic mercury compounds & organic mercury compounds. mercury is an element in earth crusts, humans cannot create or destroy mercury. Pure mercury is a liquid metal,sometimes reffered as quick silver that volatizes readily . It has traditionally used to make products like : thermometers ,switches & some light bulbs. Mercury is find in many rocks including coal. when coal is burned mercury is released in enviornment. Mercury & it’s compounds have been used in medicine although they are much less common today than they once were.


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